ISPs To Block The Pirate Bay After High Court Ruling

the pirate bayThe war against illegal file sharing has taken a new turn that some parties believe is a step towards the sort of internet censorship that could pave the way for more draconian measures in the future.

The High Court has ruled that UK internet service providers must block access to The Pirate Bay, a Swedish site that hosts download links to copyrighted music, films and games. Virgin Media, TalkTalk, O2, Everything Everywhere and Sky have all been told to prevent their users from accessing the site. BT have requested a few more weeks to consider their position on blocking the site.

The British Phonographic Industry‘s chief executive Geoff Taylor said:

“The High Court has confirmed that The Pirate Bay infringes copyright on a massive scale… Its operators line their pockets by commercially exploiting music and other creative works without paying a penny to the people who created them. This is wrong – musicians, sound engineers and video editors deserve to be paid for their work just like everyone else.”

However, some argue that these measures will do little to curb the practice of illegal downloads by saying that site blocking is ineffective and can be circumvented using proxy servers and other techniques. Mark Little, principal analyst at Ovum, believes more should be done to educate the younger demographic “who just haven’t been convinced that doing this is somehow morally uncomfortable.”

Others are more concerned with the precedent this sets. Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, had this to say:

“It will fuel calls for further, wider and even more drastic calls for internet censorship of many kinds, from pornography to extremism. Internet censorship is growing in scope and becoming easier. Yet it never has the effect desired. It simply turns criminals into heroes.”

Do you think that this High Court ruling is a good thing? Will it be enough of a deterrent for people to stop illegally downloading, or do you think that prevention is better than the cure and that more should be done to educate those likely to offend?

PRESS RELEASE: New application organises and frees all your digital data and allows easy, private sharing, all on one platform

New application organises and frees all your digital data and allows easy, private sharing, all on one platform

  • Photos, music, contacts and documents can be indexed and shared
  • Computer networking without the risks to privacy

Surrey, UK, October 2010 DAD Solutions Limited has today launched DAD, a new software application designed to address the 21st century challenge of digital disorganisation.  For the first time, users will be able to organise, store, reuse, share and manage their digital assets easily and securely from a single platform, creating a much-improved user experience and home or remote network.  The new solution is available immediately at a price of £2.49 per month for up to 4 computers.

With the amount of digital data increasing tenfold every five years

and the rising popularity of social networking sites, keeping control of digital data is fast becoming a major hurdle.  People are thus presented with the challenge of accessing, collating, reusing, sharing and storing images, music, documents and contact details on- and off-line.

The DAD application is an indexing system that is held on a user’s PC with an easy-to-use user interface.  It can translate most metadata formats, enabling images, music, contact details, content from social networking sites and document files to be stored in a single DAD index.  This index can then be used to organise, manage, share, connect and reuse all digital data simply and securely.  The new software also enriches a user’s digital assets by cross referencing different types of data so that photos and contacts, for example, can be linked together.  This helps to automate repetitive sharing tasks such as collating a family photo album from all members of a family.

DAD includes an open API designed for use by third party developers who wish to leverage the universal DAD index.  Through 3rd party add-ons, DAD users will be able to pull together photos and other material relevant to them that they or their nominated friends and family have put onto social networking sites, even if they are located elsewhere and their PCs are not networked together.

Julian Ranger, founder and CEO of DAD comments: “There is a huge market opportunity for DAD.  In the UK alone, there are 16 million adults aged over 15 who live in households with two or more PCs.  Add to this the growing popularity of social networking sites and the potential reach for our new product becomes clear.”

Julian Ranger continues: “From busy parents through to silver surfers and students, everyone can take advantage of DAD – it is the ultimate fix-it for digital overload.  DAD promises to be as revolutionary to digital organisation as the Dewey Decimal System was to libraries.  We’re really excited about today’s launch and to be tackling what is becoming the number one digital dilemma of the 21st century.”

DAD is available immediately for an initial free month trial, but then will cost from as little as £2.49 per month for up to 4 computers.  A free ‘lite’ version is also available, offering core functionality.  DAD can be purchased and downloaded directly from the DAD website:

A Mac-compatible version of DAD will be available by the end of 2010.


Media contact information:

Rebecca Pain,, 01252 899969, 07974 212544

Editor’s Notes

The DAD application can be downloaded at onto your PC and gets to work straight away on your digital ‘stuff’, finding and storing all kinds of images, music, contact details, content from social networking sites and document files in a single DAD index.  This index can be shared easily and securely with other DAD licence holders.  Three other licences are included with every copy of DAD.

The standard DAD package will include the following functions:

  • Rich media index (which is extensible and allows cross-referencing)
  • Smart search (using metadata and user created tags/data)
  • Photo viewer and organiser
  • Local network discovery and User to User connections
  • Private, secure Index and/or File sharing (manual or automatic with user created rules)
  • Three additional user licences for friends and family members of your choice

Julian Ranger, Founder and CEO of DAD, has been an angel investor since 2007 and an entrepreneur since he formed his first business – STASYS. Julian grew STASYS to a £17m+ business with 230 staff with subsidiaries in the US, Australia and Germany before selling it to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Today, Julian heads up an innovation hub called iBundle ( where he invites start-up entrepreneurs who are looking for backing and advice to contact him.