Megaupload Founder’s Lawyer Accuses US Government Of Stalling

It’s been a while since we have blogged about the criminal charges being faced by Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, but the latest word on the story is a complaint from the legal team defending the accused.

Ira Rothken, a lawyer representing Dotcom, says that the US government is trying to “run out the clock” by withholding materials that the defence team will need access to in order to be fully prepared for key court appearances. The items in question were seized during the raid on Dotcom’s Auckland property in January of this year.

It is argued by Rothken that the confiscated data from surveillance cameras could shed light on the issue of whether or not there was excessive force used in the raid, while also pointing out that personal files belonging to Dotcom and his family are still being held.

The lawyer continues by saying that the actual search warrant was overly vague, which allowed the police to seize all digital media within the property, even if it was not relevant to the case and charges. And now, over four months since the raid, the defence team hasn’t been issued with copies of Dotcom’s own hard drives.

Speaking to Ars Technica, Rothken said: “They’re making an argument that they still haven’t made copies of the rest of the hard drives because it’s too burdensome to do it in New Zealand and they have to bring them back to the US… They could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on helicopters and raids, but they can’t use the 800 number to Best Buy to buy the computer equipment they need to make mirror copies of hard drives.”

Their argument over the movement of the hard drives from New Zealand to the United States still rages on, and it may still transpire that Dotcom will be ordered by a court to disclose passwords to hard drives that are encrypted.

Kim Dotcom faces an extradition hearing in August, and you can read more about this story on Ars Technica.

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