Nearby sharing, easy as 1, 2, 3?

networking the hard wayMac to Mac using public folders is a doddle except that the recipient needs to know to look for it. I’m sure veteran Windows users will feel the same way although it’s fair from straight forward.

On either platform transferring files without stress is always going to involve a fair amount of tinkering and you’ll never get confirmation that you’ve received the files, unless you keep staring at your screen. And we know from watching toast, that that just makes everything take longer.

Lifehacker have detailed instructions on how best to accomplish the ideal sharing set up but if you have DAD watching your back it really is far simpler than anything they have offered up. In fact it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

DAD makes nearby file sharing super easy

See? Simply find the files you want to send and add them to your send basket. Click on your basket to select which friends you’d like to send the files to and they will receive confirmations asking if they’d like to accept or decline. DAD will find the most efficient transfer option available automagically.

So send or request files from each other without giving it another thought and spend the time you would have wasted fiddling with settings to have a proper catch up.

Discover what DAD can do for you.

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